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Value always comes from fundamentals

Spotting fundamentals in information noise is becoming a life skill. The information getting sliced and diced as different platforms demand makes it close to impossible to build expertise.

For example, when did you last refer to a book about human psychology, operating systems, or managing startups for the same project? I bet only a few had this privilege.

Fundamentals are still driving the industries under all the trends. Trends are like volatile stocks and fundamentals are the steady pillars of the industry.

Here is a simple framework to identify fundamentals

  1. What is the impact of removing that entity from its market?
  2. How many alternatives exist?
  3. What is the quality difference in the entity among the top 3 providers?
  4. What is the size of the customer base?

You pick a technology for your career like you pick a stock!

The fundamentals are still well preserved in books. The good thing about fundamentals is that they don't change over a span of a decade and hence author's findings can remain relevant for a long time.

Learn to stand on the shoulders of giants. Learn from books and stay informed using social media!

Keep learning and sharing.

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